Professional Podcasting Services

Audio Editing

You may have some dead air during your podcast to review some notes, wait on a guest to arrive, re-deliver a line, or take a bathroom break.  Even the most skilled speaker can stutter during a broadcast – but you don’t have to worry about any of that!   We make sure your audio sounds flawless as we make notes during the show on what may need to be fixed.  When you’re done, we go through the audio and make sure everything sounds perfect.  And, if something sounds a little off but isn’t terrible, we’ll let you review it and make the final decision.  Once we’re done, we add your intro and outro, and any commercial breaks you may have (all of which we can produce for you) before pushing to iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and anywhere podcasts are heard.  This is of course an optional service.  We can simply hand you the finalized audio and let you publish it yourself if you’d like.  We’re easy breezy.

Video Editing

We offer the option to record and live-stream your podcast.  If you choose either of these options, we have the ability to go back and edit your video for you.  This includes removing any dead air, bathroom breaks, or any errors you or your guest might want removed from the final product.  We can also add in any intros/outros after the fact if they aren’t ready yet.  Most things we can do live – but if for some reason we can’t, we are able to edit the video after the fact!  

We can also edit snippets for social media for you to promote your show and your guest. This works great for building engagement and excitement before your podcast airs!

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