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Studio Only – $50/hr

Come in, sit down and record your podcast or vocals! We will help you kick things off, but the studio is all yours! Grab a cup of coffee and start recording and take the raw audio home with you.

Silver package

Studio + Producer – $75/hr

We’ll sit in with you during your recording and monitor audio levels while you record. We also have a microphone at our table so we can join in on the conversation if you need some help moving the conversation along. 

Gold Package

Studio + Producer + Editing – $80/hr

You’ve got your awesome audio, now what do you do with it? That’s where we come in! We edit your audio to remove any mistakes or breaks, and make it sound tight and clean. We can then produce an intro and an outro for you, using royalty-free music and a professional voice over artist that match the tone and message of your podcast. We highly recommend this! Then, we push your podcast to iTunes, Stitchr, Google Play and anywhere else podcasts are listened to. 


Studio + Producer + Editing + Video – $100/hr

As an additional element to marketing your brand – video can reach a larger audience and be easier to share on social media. Allow us to live switch and record your entire podcast, with an option to live stream it to YouTube and Facebook as well! We brand your video with your logo and can create custom lower thirds (titles) and intro/outro for you as well.